Hi my name is DeeWone!

DeeWone is a Stockholm based rapper singer, producer, songwriter and mixing/ mastering engineer. He was raised by his mother and as most households with one parent, life was a bit rough in his childhood. He immigrated to Sweden with his mother when he was only 6 years old. However, after moving from city to city, they finally rested in a lower class community in Vasteras. DeeWone’s mom worked many nights to be able to afford a more comfortable life. Those night’s when he was alone, he would spend countless hours listening to his favorite rap artists and mimicking their sound and technique. At the age of 12 he began rapping to his own music. Since then, music has been a major force in his life. He started the duo Superioz with a good friend for a few years after which he went to Kultrama in Stockholm to expand his knowledge and left with a degree in music production. It was at that time in his life that he started his own record label Sweet Sound Records which backed one album release and a few singles. He has signed with Could B Records/Entertainment (USA), a music publishing company. He has also placed one of his instrumental tracks in the popular reality show Americas Next Top Model and has also produced numerous tracks for VH1 and Bravo TV. DeeWone has worked with musicians that inspire him to write thoughtful music and creating better music for all to enjoy. He is also realistic in the fact that, even though music has become a income stream for him, he still is a very humble, positive social person who works hard to reach his goal(s). “My main message to the people is to spread love and respect; never give up and you can become whatever you want as long as you work hard and put your mind into it, then nothing can stop you”, states DeeWone. Through out the years DeeWone has been performing a lot at clubs, events and festivals all around the world. This has given him much experience. He also records/ recorded with many different artists and musicians and has also been the opening act for many major and minor artists both local and international. This experience has given him worldwide exposure. He will also remain at the top of his game by continuing to collaborate with professional artists/musicians releasing top quality songs for people to enjoy and keep on touring/performing. Currently DeeWone is working on a upcoming video/track with the Ugandan artists Geosteady and Navio, which will be released in the summer of 2019.

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